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Direct Wellhead Measurements for Well Testing in Harsh Economic Environments

In today’s economic environment with increased well performance key, too many wells are without well testing instruments or face high CAPEX/OPEX costs[...] more

Emerson Exchange 2016 Abstract Preview: Chemical Injection Costs

Over the next couple of months we will be highlighting a few Emerson Exchange abstracts to help you decide what workshops and sessions you want to attend.[...] more

Regulations for the Oil and Gas Industry: Reduce your Methane Emissions with Emerson

This month, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced new rules for minimizing and reducing emissions on well pads. This is the first push to[...] more

Advanced Phase Measurement: Immediate Access to Quality Data

Advanced Phase Measurement has just launched this month. This new product is an upgrade to the Micro Motion Model 5700 Transmitter. This new upgrade allows[...] more

Verify and Validate Fiscal Flow Measurement in Real Time with the New Daniel Dual-Configuration Gas Ultrasonic Meters

With today’s pipelines more likely to be carrying dirty gas, significant measurement errors are becoming increasingly common because the cause of the[...] more

Advantages of Micro Motion Fork Density Meter for Improving Sand Separator Functionality

In processing operations, liquid separators collect sand in a lower chamber, filtering out sediment from the oil or gas. Typically, sand accumulates slowly[...] more

Quality and Value are the Result when Extra Time and Effort is put into Flowmeter Production

You need a flowmeter that works wherever oil & gas operations happen. Micro Motion meters are built to provide measurement you can trust, in all conditions.[...] more

Oil and Gas Conference: Kuwait Second Flow Measurement Technology

This past month, Emerson and the Kuwait Oil Company sponsored the Kuwait 2nd Flow Measurement Technology for Oil and Gas. The conference had attendees[...] more

7 Ways Micro Motion F-Series Meters Increase Accuracy and Reduce Costs

Accurate measurement remains one of the major challenges in gas allocation, as traditional technology falls short in supplying low maintenance, reliable[...] more

Petroleum Company Uses Micro Motion ELITE for Entrained Air Challenges

Kuwait Petroleum Company (KPC) owns and operates a primary oil blending company in Belgium that loads trucks with oil blending products. Their PD meter-based[...] more