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Regulations for the Oil and Gas Industry: Reduce your Methane Emissions with Emerson

This month, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced new rules for minimizing and reducing emissions on well pads. This is the first push to[...] more

Advanced Phase Measurement: Immediate Access to Quality Data

Advanced Phase Measurement has just launched this month. This new product is an upgrade to the Micro Motion Model 5700 Transmitter. This new upgrade allows[...] more

Verify and Validate Fiscal Flow Measurement in Real Time with the New Daniel Dual-Configuration Gas Ultrasonic Meters

With today’s pipelines more likely to be carrying dirty gas, significant measurement errors are becoming increasingly common because the cause of the[...] more

Advantages of Micro Motion Fork Density Meter for Improving Sand Separator Functionality

In processing operations, liquid separators collect sand in a lower chamber, filtering out sediment from the oil or gas. Typically, sand accumulates slowly[...] more

Quality and Value are the Result when Extra Time and Effort is put into Flowmeter Production

You need a flowmeter that works wherever oil & gas operations happen. Micro Motion meters are built to provide measurement you can trust, in all conditions.[...] more

Oil and Gas Conference: Kuwait Second Flow Measurement Technology

This past month, Emerson and the Kuwait Oil Company sponsored the Kuwait 2nd Flow Measurement Technology for Oil and Gas. The conference had attendees[...] more

7 Ways Micro Motion F-Series Meters Increase Accuracy and Reduce Costs

Accurate measurement remains one of the major challenges in gas allocation, as traditional technology falls short in supplying low maintenance, reliable[...] more

Petroleum Company Uses Micro Motion ELITE for Entrained Air Challenges

Kuwait Petroleum Company (KPC) owns and operates a primary oil blending company in Belgium that loads trucks with oil blending products. Their PD meter-based[...] more

Exploring Lease Automatic Custody Transfer with Micro Motion

A Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) unit is a crucial system to include when measuring the volume of crude oil and petroleum products as they are[...] more

Best Practices of Real-Time Tiered Automation Strategies

To meet the challenges of production, particularly of unconventional shale production, experts are beginning to move toward more sophisticated, high-visibility[...] more