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Achieving Improved Combustion Control for Fired Heaters is Easy, Right?

Control the Mass Flow of Fuel Gas with Coriolis Meters When you can control processes in refineries and petrochemical plants, you can better control the[...] more

A Tale of Two Plants: The Versatility of Coriolis Flow Meters

Not all meters are created equal, and not every design is ideal for every process. Even Coriolis meters, while applicable to a wide variety of processes[...] more

Four-month ROI in Smart Meter Verification Equipped ELITE Meter

In today’s petrochemical industry, you need to realize maximum value from every asset used in the process, and it’s essential that production stops[...] more

Economics Driving Ethane Rejection Rate

The question among gas processors and petrochemical buyers recently has been:  What will the price of ethane be today?  Is it better to reject ethane[...] more