Taking advantage of the latest in instrument and plant connectivity, the new native Ethernet upgrade to the Micro Motion Model 5700 Coriolis transmitter will allow you a faster and more insightful interaction with your process. This new upgrade delivers the best-in-class functionality, connectivity and superior ease of use.

The Micro Motion Model 5700 Coriolis transmitter with native Ethernet includes dual redundant Ethernet ports, directly integrated in the device with no need for extra converters or adapters. The dual port architecture means multiple devices can be installed in a variety of configurations like daisy chain, star, or ring topologies, minimizing wiring and switch needs for space and cost savings.

Additionally, the transmitter also incorporates a configurable I/O channel that can be set to a mA, Frequency, or Discrete output/input. This enables powerful application options with minimal equipment.

For more information about the 5700 transmitter with native Ethernet, view the video here.