There is a group of people at Micro Motion that knows just about every department: Application Support. This group works with everyone from engineering and repair to marketing because they are the ones answering all of the technical and training questions customers have.

Their expertise spans from industry challenges and application issues to product-specific details and troubleshooting. Since they have such a specific, technical base of knowledge, they also spend a lot of their time training and mentoring. And this training isn’t just for customers, but for new employees as well.

I sat down with a member of the Application Support Group, Greg Rollins, and he explained to me how there is never one day that is the same as the last. He could spend one day answering technical customer questions on the phone or through email and the next day he could be in another state, facilitating training. This is another one the groups, just like sales, who gets to learn face-to-face what customers want and need, and relay this information back to the factory and engineering.

So where does Greg see this group going in the future?

“Right now, I have the opportunity to be involved in many continuous improvement teams to see how our department can take technical support to the next level such as live chat or even using innovative software tools such as Google Glass,” said Greg. “I love being able to improve our process and make the customer’s interaction with us easier.”

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