This week we will be highlighting an Emerson Exchange session titled Blending Crude to Optimize Refinery Operations.

Within this session, the speakers will dive deep into the challenges faced by a North American Refinery when they tried to optimize operations related to the blending of various crude oil feedstocks. The refiner blended crude from multiple sources with wide variability in the character and quality. Because of the variability of the crude, the existing blend meters were inaccurate. As a result blending was done by storage tank level changes, which was not reliable enough to be able to meet target recipes. Also storage tanks did not always become empty when they were expected to; therefore, the refiner had to pay demurrage costs. Adding to those challenges, additional operational problems resulted from the inaccurate blends.

With an updated, accurate and more reliable blending system, the refiner was able to take advantage of the price differential between different crude oil feedstocks. They were also able to reduce demurrage costs. In addition to that, several operational benefits were realized including a reduced risk of producing shot coke, and optimum filling of the vacuum tower.

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