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The Unique Advantages of Vortex Technology in Flow Meters

Advances in flow metering technology mean more options for a broad spectrum of processes and flows. One such specialized technology is the vortex flow[...] more

The Aging Workforce: Resource Shortage is the Biggest Challenge for Refining and Petrochemicals

I have been traveling across the United States attending process industry tradeshows and conferences over the past few weeks. To my surprise, one of the[...]

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Innovation at Micro Motion Starts at the Wall

Some companies have a wall of fame. We have “The Wall of Innovation.” It’s a place where our marketing and engineering teams meet to discuss problems[...]

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Marine Splash Blending: No One Wants a Mystery Product

Have you ever been at a bar and ordered whiskey on the rocks only to realize when it arrives that it has been watered down? Imagine you’re at a fuel[...]

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BunkerLink Built for Marine Applications

In 1832, the Fresnel lens revolutionized the lighthouse. Lighthouses had been guiding ships in the U.S. since the 1700s but with the new, innovative lens,[...]

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Improve Start Up Times and Processes with Latest Configuration and Service Tool for Micro Motion Meters

To continue with our week of technology posts, I introduce you to ProLink® III configuration and service tool for Micro Motion meters. If you are just[...]

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EtherNet/IP: Smart Connectivity for Smart Devices

Most industrial plants have relied on either 4-20 mA or frequency outputs to deliver instrument information to their control system. These outputs have[...]

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Event Recap: OTC Houston is All about Safety

The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston wrapped up on May 8th, 2014 and we were lucky enough to participate in the amazing event. With over[...]

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Managing Risk and Profitability in the Bunkering Industry

It's clear that the bunker supply business is very competitive. Bunker suppliers have only a few terminals to choose from when sourcing the fuel and the customers who are suffering from their own challenges negotiate aggressively to win the lowest price.

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Smart Meter Verification: Better Accuracy, Lower Maintenance Costs

There’s good reason that custody transfer is also referred to as “fiscal metering”: the meter is essentially acting as a cash register. That’s[...]

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