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The Unique Advantages of Vortex Technology in Flow Meters

Advances in flow metering technology mean more options for a broad spectrum of processes and flows. One such specialized technology is the vortex flow[...] more

The New Daniel V707 Spring Loaded Backpressure Valve

Introducing The New Emerson Daniel V707 Backpressure Valve The new Emerson Daniel V707 backpressure valve addresses some important risks and helps improve[...]

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A New Solution Enables More Accurate Flow Measurements in Slurry Applications

A unique problem in measuring volumetric flow lies in handling slurry applications. When “slurry” can mean any fluid mixture pumped, pulped, or mined[...]

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Why Magnetic Flow Meters Provide Confidence in Measurement of Flow Rates

Magnetic flow meters, also known as mag meters, are used in a variety of industrial processes. From oil and gas operations to dairy production and even[...]

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Emerson Exchange 2019 Recap

Every year we look forward to our annual event, Emerson Global Users Exchange - Americas! It takes countless hours of planning and preparation but after[...]

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ISHM 2019 Event Wrap Up

Earlier this summer, Emerson attended a three-day event highlighting the new advances in the oil & gas industry. The event, the 94th International[...]

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CEESI 2019 Event Wrap Up

The 2019 North American Custody Transfer Measurement Conference, hosted by CEESI, took place in June in Austin, Texas at the freshly renovated Hyatt Regency[...]

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What is the Difference Between the 4200 2-wire Coriolis Meter and other 2-wire flow measurement technology in the market?

Comparing 2-Wire Coriolis Technology Traditionally, chemical plants and refineries already have a twisted pair 2-wire network. Emerson’s 4200 2-wire[...]

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5 Reasons the Micro Motion Coriolis Flow Meter & the New 4200 2-wire Transmitter are the Perfect Pair

The New 4200 2-Wire Transmitter & Coriolis Flow Meters In the past, Coriolis meters were not considered a part of the 2-wire upgrade. Now, Emerson[...]

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How Does the 4200 2-Wire Coriolis Transmitter Help Retrofit Unreliable 2-wire Flow Points?

The New 4200 2-Wire Transmitter Many oil and gas, and chemical plants are struggling with aging infrastructure and need to upgrade much of their legacy[...]

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Optimize Your Performance with the Micro Motion 4200 2-Wire Transmitter

Achieve Top Quartile Performance in the Areas of Safety, Reliability, Production and Energy Management The new 4200 2-wire Coriolis transmitter is a valuable[...]

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