Options are good, but choices can be hard – particularly when you’re managing a power plant operation. Emerson Process Management knows that choosing the right product for your application is paramount to your bottom line profitability, keeping your employees safe, reducing unplanned shutdowns and assuring you meet environmental regulations.

Purchasing the right product for each process that you operate can be a hefty task. Power Schematic Emerson’s Micro Motion and Rosemount Flow have created a new interactive tool that allows you to easily navigate your power generation applications and determine the best product fit for your needs.

We understand your challenges and provide recommendations for products well-suited to your application requirements. Plus, with this new tool you’ll find that you have easy access to additional information – through readily available industry and product brochures and quick links to our product web pages.

Check out our new power tool here (or, at www.micromotion.com/power and navigate to: “Explore products for coal-fired power generation”).

But, don’t hesitate to connect with us directly: Contact Micro Motion or Contact Rosemount Flow. We know. Options are good.