In upstream oil and gas, efficient operations of heater treaters / separators are critical for accurate, repeatable measurement of oil. Poor measurement leads to poor decisions and higher operating expenses. One company, located in the Bakken, needed a way to accurately measure oil despite the common process challenges. This company had been looking for ways to reduce operating expenses related to operation and measurement of oil on their 3-phase vertical heater treaters.

Utilizing Emerson’s Micro Motion Coriolis meter with Production Volume Reconciliation (PVR), the company was able to save on average around $20,000 per well in the first year, and an estimated $400,000 based on a projected 20 well completion schedule. Emerson’s Micro Motion PVR produces real-time flow and diagnostics data which allows for reduced man hours as well as optimized treater and production operations. Data from PVR provides accurate oil production information despite temporary process disruptions.

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