One of the challenges in R&D is to reduce measurement uncertainty to the level that you know what you develop in the lab will be applicable in the “real world.” The team led by Lukáš Bednář, Head of Experimental Research at Doosan Škoda Power’s cutting-edge research center in Plzen, the Czech Republic, is using Micro Motion ELITE meters to do just that. That work is aimed at turning steam turbine performance to new levels of efficiency.

Bednář injects water into the steam driving experimental turbines during testing to simulate varying operating conditions. Because the efficiency of the turbine is calculated using thermal balancing, highly accurate flow measurement is critical. Coriolis technology, with its ability to measure mass, delivers the flow measurement certainty Bednář needs to be confident that the data he gets will lead to better and better turbines.

“This improvement of our research center by Micro Motion Coriolis flow technology helps us to lead the way to the next generation of steam turbine technology,” says Bednář.

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