Emerson Training Courses: What Others are Saying

Over the past few weeks we’ve talked about the great classes and hands-on training Emerson offers to our customers. Today, we’d like to share some of the feedback we have received from people who have taken take one or more classes with us.

Here is a sampling of comments we’ve received on our post-training feedback forms:

  • “Training was great. Well-balanced with lectures, lab and walking out to the facility.”
  • “Instructors were very clear on instructions and lectures.”
  • “Leaving class with 100% more knowledge of the product and tools.”
  • “I learned everything I came here to learn, great job!”

On the feedback forms, we consistently receive the highest marks for lesson material, instruction and knowledge gained by the student. That kind of feedback means a lot to us because it means we are hitting our goal of making sure that you learn what you need to do your job to the best of your ability.

Look through our list of classes and follow the steps to sign up for Emerson training courses here.