Keeping an airport runway de-iced is a huge challenge in the winter months for some airports. Many airports use de-icing fluids to help with this process; though, these de-icing fluids must be measured accurately and accounted for throughout the season. During Emerson Exchange this year, Kelly Cottingham will be leading a workshop that will discuss how Denver International Airport (DIA) manages this process. Below is an abstract preview:

Inland provides glycol de-icing fluids to Denver International Airport (DIA). DIA is the sixth largest airport in the world and the primary de-icing season is October 1st through May 1st. De-icing fluids are dispensed at 5 pads with a total of 17 loading stations. Three years ago, DIA invested in new control systems and installed Micro Motion Coriolis meters to better manage this process. The loading stations employ Coriolis meters to measure the amount of glycol dispensed and to generate billing documents. DIA needs to show proof that the truck loading system is measuring correctly. Now, the airport requires Inland to perform annual calibrations on these loading stations to insure accurate billing. Performing these meter calibration on-site reduces the time meters are out of service, allowing the meter to be calibrated using the actual de-icing fluid, which minimizes the time, effort and risk of pulling meters out of the installation and sending them off-site to be calibrated. In addition, the calibrations are performed at the normal process flow rates.

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