A lack of clear and consistent communications across the various stakeholders early in a project can put that project schedule at risk due to inefficiencies. Establishing communication processes to improve timely responses, priorities and accountability can help drive a project from beginning to end – successfully.

Recently, a customer utilized the Emerson Project Management Office organization to stay on schedule and under budget on a specific project they were managing. This project was complex and required coordinated execution from several world areas with multiple stakeholders. The PMO team helped this customer streamline the quoting and documentation process resulting in a significant reduction in man-hours and the elimination of change order fees.

Some of the results of this effort included:

  • $2M saving from nearly 10,000 project manager hours with global coordination and communications
  • Elimination of 980 documentation management hours, saving an additional $83,000
  • Additional $2M savings from the quoting process and technical inquiries

Total savings: $4M

Since working with Emerson’s PMO team, the implementation of continuous process improvement best practices has only improved team performance throughout the life of the project.

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