How to Ensure Lasting Gas Measurement Accuracy

Current international gas measurement standards for fiscal flowmeters focus only on the design and installation of the meters and don’t cover meter performance under field conditions. So how do you assure measurement accuracy of fiscal gas flowmeter systems in field conditions? And how much are unknown issues costing your gas measurement operation?

Join us for our upcoming webinar on April 4 at 10 am CST and learn how a new risk-based assessment by DNV GL, a global technical advisor and certification body, goes a step beyond traditional metrology testing to determine if the metering technology is robust enough to operate under actual operating conditions.

The operational use of a flowmeter in field applications can be distorted by many factors. Dirt buildup, liquids and other contamination within the pipe take greater toll on measurement accuracy than you may realize. Even a minor flow disturbance can increase financial risk and have a major impact on lost and unaccounted for (LAUF) product.

Reserve your seat at this webinar to learn the following:

  • How DNV GL is now qualifying gas flowmeters with greater specificity than ever before by putting meter performance claims to the test and verifying how the meters react to several real-life field distortions
  • How daily operating conditions impact meter health and measurement accuracy
  • How to increase measurement reliability and reduce long term measurement uncertainty
  • How to better manage capital investments
  • How to improve compliance and streamline maintenance practices to reduce long term operating costs

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