Introducing The New Emerson Daniel V707 Backpressure Valve

The new Emerson Daniel V707 backpressure valve addresses some important risks and helps improve overall field safety.

In crude oil handling there are several key points along the process that need to run smoothly and safely. Especially in remote Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) skid applications, the need for minimal maintenance and spill avoidance is paramount.

In LACT skid applications it’s important that the pipe has a consistent level of fluid pressure through it to ensure accurate readings as well as optimal functioning of the skid.

Controlling the back pressure is the one key aspect used in maintaining measurement integrity, regardless of which flow meter is used. But not all backpressure valves are created equal. In fact, some valves add unnecessary spill risk and maintenance costs.

In addition, operators need to install a standalone check valve on the lease automatic custody transfer (LACT) skid to prevent reverse flow.

Not All Backpressure Valves are Created Equal

Until recently the options for valves for these applications were diaphragm, pilot (sensor) operated or nitrogen loaded valves. None of these are ideal as they all present challenges.

The diaphragm in valves are prone to wear, tearing or leaking. Pilot valves are prone to clogging when working with dirty fluids. And nitrogen systems can require frequent maintence.

The V707 Spring Loaded Valve is a Game Changer 

As part of the Operational Certainty TM program, safety is the number one priority across industries and with the V707 backpressure valve, meeting your safety goals becomes a lot easier. This new valve has an all carbon steel body and stainless-steel piston and is spring operated and pilotless. The risk of spill is substantially reduced.

The V707 reduces the overall demands on maintenance and the number of trips personnel need to take out into the field to service the valve. It’s a stable and reliable device, also meeting the Reliability and Production aspects of Operational Certainty TM, which means less need to keep additional inventory of valve parts on hand. No need to stock diaphragms or nitrogen tanks anymore.

The V707 backpressure also offers integrated check valve functionality to protect the system from reverse flow without having to purchase a separate check valve. It also eliminates the pressure rating constraints and the overall complexity of the system by meeting up to 600 class ANSI ratings. The V707 delivers operational flexibility as to where a skid can be deployed. No longer will an operator need to de-rate the process to accommodate the low pressure rating of a diaphragm valve.

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