Recently, we published an infographic that explores a worrying trend among energy, chemical and oil & gas companies: as many as half of the skilled workers in these industries are heading towards retirement — and not nearly enough new hires are available to replace them. The majority of the retiring workers are also in senior positions, which means a huge loss of institutional memory and knowledge of proprietary practices. The impending crisis could be crippling to companies that don’t take steps to prevent it.

Our new Trend Report delves further into this topic. We’ve researched what the top companies are doing to address this issue, as well as what global organizations focused on these industries recommend. We’ve combined what we’ve learned with our own experience and have come up with a list of the top 6 things you could do to help your company come out ahead:

  1. Establish an ongoing training program
  2. Partner with colleges and universities
  3. Leverage existing talent
  4. Rethink your benefits and people management policies
  5. Invest in automated and smart devices
  6. Ask for more from your vendors

To get the full details, download the Trend Report, 6 Ways for Energy, Chemical and Oil & Gas Companies to Avert the Impending Workforce Crisis.