If you have been following our sales post series, you know that our sales team is one the main points of communication between the customer and the factory/office. They listen to what the customer wants and needs and they relay this information back to the factory. For this post, I sat down with Brent Pankonien, who has been an Account Representative in the Front Range area for over 25 years. In addition to sales, he has also been part of the Sales Advisory Board. The Sales Advisory Board is a group of people from different divisions in Emerson Micro Motion and their main goal is to support customers by discussing ways to improve our products and processes that users have suggested. Brent Pankonien

As I talked with Brent, one main theme continued to stick out to me: honesty and trust. Every customer story he told and every question he answered ended with being truthful and honest – being the ultimate trusted advisor.

“Honesty is everything with customers. I would never sell them something they don’t need. I would rather walk away and give them recommendations on another product that would work better for their application than sell them something that would only benefit me,” said Brent.

Every pain point is different and every application has a different need, so it is important to build an honest and open relationship with customers. This is just one of the many things Brent does that establishes his trusted advisor quality.

How does your sales force establish trust with customers? And do you have a suggestion on how to improve our solutions, support or lines of communication? Let us know.