Optimize Your Chemical Injection Strategies with a High Pressure Flow Meter

How much does your company spend every year on chemicals? For most, chemical injection is a sunk cost of production – it can be a challenge to track how much is spent versus how much chemical is actually required.

Without preventive chemicals, scales and waxes could plug tubing and shutting down facilities; hydrates could block production, costing up to $1M/day in shut-in production as it’s dissociated. Without corrosion inhibitors, complete loss of well or infrastructure could occur over time. With such severe consequences, producers consistently inject more than the recommended quantity of chemical.

With the new Micro Motion HPC010P Ultra High-Pressure Coriolis Meter you can say goodbye to wasteful strategies for chemical injection. Paired with the TESCOM 56 Series, the new HPC010P Coriolis Meter automatically compensates for changes in inlet pressure, outlet pressure, flow demand, temperature changes and provides accurate chemical flow rate control.

Other advantages of using Micro Motion HPC010P Ultra High-Pressure Coriolis Meter with TESCOM 56 Series include:

  • Optimization of chemical usage to prevent problems associated with under-injection and the waste associated with over injection
  • Reduced operational and maintenance costs while increasing safety by extending the service life and allowing for easy maintenance
  • Robust high quality components for longevity, especially in offshore applications

Watch this 1-minute video to learn more about our new high pressure Coriolis meter and how it can optimize flow assurance and asset integrity in your upstream operations.