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It Is Time To Get Operational Flow Measurement Uncertainty Under Control

Gain Flow Measurement Certainty with Gas Flow Meters Current oil & gas market conditions are putting greater focus on enhancing profitability without[...] more

Maximizing Efficiency to Improve Midstream Oil & Gas Operations

Benefits of Investing in Innovative Metering Technologies With fracking-enabled North American petroleum production reaching over 22 million barrels/day[...] more

Coriolis Meters Eliminate NGL Meter Failure Headaches and Reduce Maintenance

When moving and storing natural gas liquids (NGLs), every step in the chain from initial production wells and processing plants to the final fraction matters[...] more

Verify and Validate Fiscal Flow Measurement in Real Time with the New Daniel Dual-Configuration Gas Ultrasonic Meters

With today’s pipelines more likely to be carrying dirty gas, significant measurement errors are becoming increasingly common because the cause of the[...] more

Coriolis Meters and Cryogenic Testing Experience

Micro Motion Coriolis flow meters have been used in many applications from transmission and distribution to dispensing of high pressure natural gas across[...] more

The Natural Gas Coriolis Measurement Revolution

Accurate measurement is highly important to the confidence of parties who trade in natural gas. Coriolis flow meters have revolutionized metering practices,[...] more

Exploring Lease Automatic Custody Transfer with Micro Motion

A Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) unit is a crucial system to include when measuring the volume of crude oil and petroleum products as they are[...] more

Benefits of Dynamic Metering in LNG Custody Transfer

The LNG industry has a bright future, considering the demand for clean-burning natural gas. And as the LNG fleet and terminal network grows to meet demand,[...] more

5 Part Well Pad Automation Webinar Series

Emerson offers a broad array of solutions for Oil & Gas from drilling to the well pad to custody transfer. In a new recording, learn how you can begin[...] more

Bringing Bunker Business to Turkey with Micro Motion Certified Bunker Measurement Solution

The Suez Canal is one of the busiest and most important shipping lanes for the European market. Mostly man-made, this canal runs through Northern Egypt,[...] more