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Micro Motion 5700 and the Horizon of Streamlined Operations

When your plant is spending all its time and resources confirming the workability of those resources, there is less to spend on improving other areas of[...] more

Emerson Exchange 2015 is in Denver this Year – And WE Can’t Wait!

The Annual Emerson Exchange Conference will be held in Colorado this year – home to Micro Motion – October 12-16. Make sure you register [here] to[...] more

Making the Most of Your Resources With the Micro Motion 5700 Transmitter

A tool that can enable you to fulfill your mission, keeping everything on budget and running smoothly, is an invaluable technology. The Micro Motion 5700[...] more

Accurate Uptime and the Improved Operations with Smart Meter Verification

The advances in Coriolis flowmeter technology from improved meter operations are helping companies to improve the efficiency of their processes. The integration[...] more

Measuring for Cost and Compliance: The Confidence of Smart Meter Verification

Compliance and cost are increasingly important aspects of production, and can be seen as two sides of the same coin. While strict compliance requirements[...] more

American Gas Association Conference: Safety and Operational Excellence

Natural gas utility and transmission company operations management from around the world will be gathering soon for the annual American Gas Association[...] more

Big Data: Giving our customers more data and insight into their process

I am sure by now most people have heard about big data. It is such a broad topic that it causes a lot of confusion, especially in the B2B world. In the[...] more

OTC 2015: Expert Information, Networking Opportunities and more, May 4-7!

It’s that time of year – the Offshore Technology Conference is upon us. Emerson Micro Motion has attended this conference for several years, launching[...] more

How the Industrial Internet of Things Impacts Emerson: The Next Generation of Manufacturing

The Internet fundamentally changed communications. Now, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is poised to revolutionize processes and the way Emerson[...] more

Developing Next-Gen Steam Turbines Requires Coriolis Accuracy

One of the challenges in R&D is to reduce measurement uncertainty to the level that you know what you develop in the lab will be applicable in the[...] more