With the recent addition of the CMF350, Micro Motion now offers a complete fit-for-purpose customer offering for high flow rate applications.

The addition of the CMF350 to the large ELITE® family completes Emerson’s Micro Motion high flow rate offering. Each high flow rate ELITE meter is designed to maximize performance and increase the range of accessible flow rate. ELITE meters continue to deliver an industry leading flat spec of up to 20:1 of nominal flow rate. This means that you can find the right ELITE meter for your application, flow rate, and pressure drop needs.

We developed the high flow rate Coriolis portfolio to meet customer needs for high accuracy measurement for larger line sizes. Now, the high flow rate portfolio ranges from 2-inch to 12-inch line sizes (DN50 -DN300) with industry leading accuracy and installed performance. These large Coriolis meters continue to deliver value to our customers and exemplify our perpetual drive for innovation.

The large ELITE family continues to push the limits of performance under any condition. Designed to deliver reliable measurements, regardless of process disruptions or environmental changes, Micro Motion ELITE meters are considered the gold standard for even the most rigorous Custody Transfer applications. Designing large Coriolis meters is no simple task; meter design alone has to balance fluid flow rates with customer’s needs for a compact design. Fortunately, the engineers at Micro Motion have over 35 years of experience designing, delivering, and servicing Coriolis meters. Micro Motion created the first Coriolis mass flow meter.

With the recent addition of the CMF350, we now offer a true 4-inch (DN100) meter with a flow rate range of 538 lbs/min (14,340 kg/hr) to 15,000 lbs/min (409,000 kg/hr). The CMF350 delivers ±0.1% liquid mass flow accuracy, ±0.35% gas accuracy, and ±0.0005 g/cc liquid density accuracy standard with an enhanced accuracy option of ±0.05% liquid mass flow & 0.0002 g/cc liquid density. With the new compact design, the CMF350 fits perfectly into the large ELITE family.

Line Size 2-inch 3-inch 4-inch 6-inch 8-inch 10-inch 12-inch
Nominal Flow Rate lbs/min 1,760 5,840 10,700 15,200 27,900 49,000 75,000
Kg/hr 47,900 159,000 292,000 414,000 762,000 1,340,000 2,040,000

 Figure 1: The breadth of the ELITE high flow rate offering means the customer can find a meter that fits their needs

All of our large ELITE meters are available with Smart Meter Verification (SMV) to provide advanced meter diagnostics. SMV provides peace of mind that your Coriolis meter is healthy and operating as expected. The SMV process can be executed remotely and without data or meter disruption. In the case of meter degradation, SMV can also provide an early warning of meter failure. This allows customers an opportunity to plan a plant or process shutdown for service. Through SMV, ELITE meters enable customers to improve their work practice, save money, and increase worker safety.

The benefits of a Coriolis meter are known, but an ELITE meter is recognized for robust, reliable performance with unmatched accuracy. That is why the large ELITE meters are globally recognized for their performance in a variety of tough applications, including:

• Custody transfer applications which rely on continuous accuracy and performance

• Chemical customers use large ELITE meters for mass flow accuracy and plant-wide mass balances

• Refining blending operators trust the large ELITE meters to perform even with two phase flow or during batching operations

• High pressure wellhead installations that require consistent measurement regardless of changes in pressure or entrained gas

• Asphalt & cement manufacturing that rely on our meter’s ability to handle heavy slurry flow

Micro Motion is here to meet your high flow rate needs with the large ELITE Family. Welcome to the neighborhood. For more information on the Micro Motion ELITE line of flowmeters, or the CMF350, click here.