“By 2019, 25.3 million cruise passengers are expected to be carried worldwide, of which 55.8% will originate from North America, 25.1% from Europe and 19.1% from the rest of the world.” (source: http://www.cruisemarketwatch.com/articles/cruise-market-watch-announces-2015-cruise-trends-forecast/) As you can see, there are a huge number ships relying on efficiency and accuracy in the cruise shipping industry – and it isn’t specific to one world area. This is a global need.

Ships are looking to reduce costs where they can and one way to do this is in consumption measurement. Fuel usage costs make up 10-20% of a ship’s total operating expense and, with volatile fuel prices, can represent an unpredictable expenditure to cruise shipping companies. Even the slightest improvement in fuel efficiency and better understanding of a ship’s fuel consumption can quickly benefit the bottom line for shipping companies.

We have in excess of 500 sensors and transmitters installed on cruise ships worldwide, so we have plenty of application knowledge to help cruise ship operators, like you, look into optimizing fuel consumption and cutting costs.

We’re ready to show you how Emerson Micro Motion can help you better control one of your most significant operating expenses. Come talk to us about your flow measurement needs at Cruise Shipping Miami from March 16-19, 2015 in Booth #2225!