With today’s pipelines more likely to be carrying dirty gas, significant measurement errors are becoming increasingly common because the cause of the error is imperceptible by many traditional flow measurement technologies. If not detected quickly, even a small amount of liquid or other contamination in the bottom of a pipe can significantly increase Lost And Unaccounted For (LAUF) product and financial risk.

Featuring two meters and transmitters in a single body, these new Emerson Daniel Dual-Configuration Gas Ultrasonic Meters (3415/3416/3417) offer unique path layouts that enable greater visibility into gas quality and device health, as well as continuous on-line verification of custody transfer measurement integrity.

The primary meter in each model is a field-proven Daniel four-path, chordal, British Gas design meter, certified to the most stringent OIML R137 1&2 Accuracy Class 0.5. The secondary meter varies by model, offering either reflective path technology or a second set of four chordal paths.

Daniel Model 3415 (4+1) and 3416 (4+2) Gas Ultrasonic Meters combine a four-path fiscal meter with an added check meter, while the 3417 (four-path plus four-path) meter provides two fiscal meters for full redundancy and equal accuracy in one meter body.

Trending data from two independent transmitters help extend calibration cycles, enabling maintenance to be condition-based instead of calendar-based. With built-in diagnostics, operators can easily track meter performance to baseline to help streamline maintenance and reduce inspection in the field for significant cost savings. Embedded expert knowledge help less experienced technicians interpret diagnostics to resolve problems more rapidly. Maintenance is no longer prescriptive, but condition based.